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Sadie May Crash at the Mod Club

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With a spot at the coveted Virgin Festival stage up for grabs, Sadie May Crash was one of five finalist bands, which means that they got the nod from chairman Sir Richard Branson himself. Sir Richard’s known to have pretty good musical tastes, so it’s no surprise that [...]

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Steamwhistle Unsigned Series

The Steamwhistle Unsigned concert series featured a collection of concerts, held at Steamwhistle’s beautiful and historic Front street brewery. Each concert in the series served up several up-and-coming indie artists, alongside delightfully cheap and tasty Steamwhistle beer.
Right across the street from the brewery is the Rogers Center, where this night the Boston Red Sox were [...]

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Magneta Lane at the Horseshoe

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I’ve been meaning to check out Magneta Lane live for a while, but our schedules never seem to meet. Thus on the even of Virgin Fest I jumped at the chance to see them at the Horseshoe Tavern. I really enjoy the recorded work of this edgy rock trio, [...]

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Virgin Festival, Day 2

Sunday called for some pretty heavy thunderstorms, and the weather didn’t disappoint. Early in the afternoon, at the Toronto Virgin Festival, the crowds were poncho-equipped and umbrella-bearing.
One of the impressive things about the Toronto Virgin Festival is their focus towards not harming the environment. Throughout the island, “Green Angels” were on hand to help festival-goers [...]

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Virgin Festival, Day 1: Part 2

Separating the main Virgin Mobile stage from the other stages at the Toronto Virgin Festival was a small footbridge, just wide enough for perhaps four people to walk abreast. Starting at about five o’clock this bridge was absolutely packed, with people streaming towards the main stage on Olympic Island, undoubtedly staking out good spots for [...]

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Virgin Festival, Day 1: Part 1

Two days, four stages, and fifty-six performances. Center Island rocked on September 6th and September 7th as the Virgin Festival came to Toronto. Headlined by the Foo Fighters and Oasis, and backed by fifty-four other bands ranging from punk-rock ska to house dj sets, the festival offered music for a wide range of aural palettes. [...]

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